OASIS of Northwest Arkansas: safe housing and spiritual mentoring for women


Love Heals...Invest in Love

You can invest in a family's future:

provide for safe housing and/or guarantee wages in our social enterprise!

OPTION TWO:  Guarantee wages at an OASIS social justice enterprise (OASIS coffee shop, Tranquility by OASIS, or OASIS offices). OASIS women discover their purpose by being employed to build up their community for the women who are still out on the streets and looking for a home.    Currently wages are $9 per hour.  Stay tuned for more information about our social justice enterprise developments!

OPTION ONE: 90 nights (3 months) @$15 a day/night  ($1350) allows a new women survivor of abuse and trauma and her children to find safe housing in an OASIS home.  You provide time for the family to adjust to their surroundings, start school or day care, take care of health concerns, start counseling and spiritual mentoring,  and make preparations to start working.