OASIS of Northwest Arkansas: safe housing and spiritual mentoring for women

​​​Oasis of NWA Founder

​​Welcome to the Circle

​​​Oasisof Northwest Arkansas opened our doors in 2012 with the capacity of three women and a child.  As affordable rental opportunities were found, OASIS has expanded the number of safe homes with the capacity today of 11 small families or women without children in residence. In 2013, the 24 spiritual principles of our community life began to truly form our program. Tranquility Studio for healing and creative expression and our social enterprise Tranquility by OASIS began in 2014. The first woman to complete the full two year program graduated in 2014. The first two graduates received Habitat For Humanity Homes in 2015. In 2016 with support from NWACC Enactus and a WalmartWomen's Empowerment grant, The OASIS Coffee Shopopened.  Today we celebrate 7 women who have graduated from the full two year program.  2 more will graduate in January 2018. A total of 13 women, 4 residential and  visiting children are in the program in 2017.


Board Members 2017

Elaine Tovey McCool, Chairperson

Rita Spicer, Vice Chairperson

Pat Duncan, Sec/Treas

Jennifer Vehon, Coffee Shop

Catherine Luck, Program

with thanks to previous members

Rev. Donna Huie

​John Andrews

Gretchen Friedrich

George Byram

Sharon Comstock

Barbara Eggum

Theresa Fallatt

Pat Golden

John Hancock

Becky Meskill

Donna Vanderschaff

John Dyas

Judy Blue

Anne Hensley

​Jeff Marxsen

​for their years of service to the OASIS of NWA!

Since 2012, 42 women and their children have found refuge at OASIS for a period of time.  6 stayed under 6 months,  14 women stayed from 12 to 18 months. We are grateful to have been part of their recovery journey and support system. Women in active recovery are always welcome to sit in our circle. One day at a time. Sisters for Life.

As the visionary and principal founder of OASIS of Northwest Arkansas, Cathy has given voluntary leadership to developing, managing, and promoting our organization. Since opening the doors in 2012, she has also been the full time volunteer director of our spiritual community. She has peer experience and extensive awareness of the issues of women and children, addictions and spirituality along with faith in the power of grace, love and community to heal. The women affectionately call her "Mama Bird."


Rev. Catherine Luck, retired United Methodist minister,  founder of Oasis, pictured above.