OASIS of Northwest Arkansas: safe housing and spiritual mentoring for women


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Oasis of Northwest Arkansas is a 501c3 organization that gratefully receives your

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for a New Life

promoting economic self-sufficiency and mutual interdependence among women

Welcome to OASIS of Northwest Arkansas!

Women and their children - survivors of abuse, addiction, justice involvement, homelessness, trafficking - find a home and a start on new life in the safe, sober, spiritual community known as OASIS of Northwest Arkansas.  Our community of volunteers opens hearts, hands and minds to provide housing, mentoring, transportation, healing arts opportunities and preparation for the work force. Community service providers collaborate to meet health and educational needs.  All women are sober, clean and committed to recovery - from alcoholism, drug abuse, relationship and other addictions.  Participation in the OASIS of NWA program is and has to be voluntary - our women are willing to be accountable to a community rule and grateful for the opportunity. OASIS of NWA is a sister organization to the successful Thistle Farms/Magdalene of Nashville Tennessee.  We believe that

"Love is the most powerful force for change in the world."  Becca Stevens, Thistle Farms