Find your way home


"We light this candle for women who are still out there,

the women who don't know how to find their way home,

and the women who have left us to go back."​

Our Mission:

" to promote economic self-sufficiency

and mutual interdependence among women"

Our Vision:

We are a safe, sober, spiritual community of women and children who have survived severe trauma including abuse, addiction, justice-involvement, homelessness and trafficking.   We are a living and working community where women survivors and children can prosper through mutual accountability and support from an extended family network of volunteer mentors and good neighbors.

Our Spiritual Principles:

Come Together

Proclaim Original Grace

Cry With Your Creator

Find Your Place in the Circle

Think of the Stranger as God

Take the Longer Path

Make a Small Change and See the Big Difference

Let God sort it Out

Stand on New Ground and Believe You are not Lost

Forgive and Feel Freedom

Unite Your Sexuality and Spirituality

Show Hospitality to All

Laugh At Yourself

Consider the Thistle

Listen to a new Idea

Lose Gracefully

Remember You have been in the Ditch

Walk Behind

Live in Gratitude

Love without Judgment

Stay on Point

Pray for Courage

Find Your Way Home

Leave Thankfully

We are one of many in a growing community of individuals and organizations dedicated to living out the truth coined by Becca Stevens that "Love is the most powerful force for lasting change in the world."  The OASIS of NWA community has adopted the 24 Spiritual Principles developed by Thistle Farms (Magdalene) along the lines of the classical Benedictine Rule for a living, working and praying together community.

OASIS of Northwest Arkansas: safe housing and spiritual mentoring for women