OASIS of Northwest Arkansas: safe housing and spiritual mentoring for women

Find Your Place in the Circle

Thank you to our mentors!

Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Yard, Gardening and Home Maintenance
  2. Mentoring, Tutoring, Transportation
  3. Recycle Center Grant Match Volunteers
  4. Auto Repairs and mechanical mentors
  5. Fundraiser Support
  6. Craft Instruction
  7. Small Business Mentoring
  8. Computer Support
  9. Child Care during Events
  10. ​Prayers

Volunteers and residents working together

 Grants and Donations Support

  1. Housing and transportation
  2. Stipends and wages during training
  3. Production Costs
  4. Mental Health Counseling and group therapy
  5. Community Outings and Training Event


Oasis of NWA residents participate in volunteer community service projects and job skill development for 25 hours per week from day one.   Weekly stipends are given to cover personal expenses until employment begin between 3-6 months.   Volunteers give time, supplies and money to Oasis so that the women can develop self confidence, teamwork, and general workforce skills. We dream of hiring survivor leaders as the Residence Manager, Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper, Tranquility Studio Manager, The OASIS Coffee Shop Manager. OASIS welcomes your investment in our women and the further development of this program.

Stock Our Shelves

Paper Towels, toilet paper, napkins

Kleenex and light bulbs

Feminine Hygiene Products

Bug Spray and Sunscreen (for kids)

Mouthwash (no alcohol)

Toothbrushes and toothpaste

Band-aids and Ibuprophen

Motrin Liquid Gel Capsules

Children's Tylenol


Movie Passes and Gift Cards

​Walmart Gas Cards